Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April Fools

The other night it was a little cool out when I went to bed.  I did not thing there was any danger of my garden being slaughtered at all.  Well I woke up to take the dog out and guess what, HEAVY frost!  Damnit, a complete loss, all of my veggies leaves were fried (freeze fried it's all the rage).  Now it is time to start all over.  I am truly not happy to witness these bewildering developing disappointments.  I guess that is what I should expect when I get over eager to plant a garden.  The thing that gets me though is, I have been doing soil temperature tests and the whole nine.  I just want my home grown food so bad!  Back to the drawing board for some garden planting fun time.   On a positive note, my compost bin is really doing well.  

I have also decided that the city in which I live is not a bike friendly city at all, not even close!  I was out riding the other day and nearly met my maker more times than I like to think about.   Oh well though right?

To make up for all of my negative postings, here is an enjoyable audio and visual treat! 

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